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Sybil Ballard


Sybil Ballard was one of the founders of the Georgia – North Florida Women’s Tennis League.  In 1972, Sybil and several of her tennis buddies decided we needed a competitive but social tennis league inTallahassee, Thomasville and Quincy.  That summer, she put together a group from various venues to give it a try.   There were about 6 or 8 teams from the city of Tallahassee, Capital City CC and Glen Arven CC. Everyone enjoyed it so a fall and spring season was organized.   At first, because there were so few of us, we played doubles one week and singles the next alternating between courts in Tallahassee and both country clubs.


In time, the league grew and Sybil helped institute a B League and then a C League, which she mentored and organized completely.  At first, we held an End of Year Luncheon at Forestmeadows and everyone brought pot luck.   Sometime around the mid-80’s the league got too big for that so we started collecting dues and holding our luncheons at various country clubs and other venues.


Sybil taught tennis lessons at Winthrop Park, beginning with free lessons for children. She ultimately was hired by the City of Tallahassee to give lessons to adults also.  She worked tirelessly for the good of the tennis community in Tallahassee and South Georgia.


As a player and teacher, Sybil exemplified the attributes of true sportsmanship: honesty, fairness, respect, and generosity.


In 2016, the City Commission agreed to name the tennis courts at Winthrop Park, the Sybil Ballard Courts at Winthrop Park, acknowledging her many, many contributions to Tallahassee Tennis.

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