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How to add an "app" like this one on your iphone

Step 1:  Using Safari go to


Step 2: click on the symbol at the bottom that looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards.


Step 3: Scroll through the options at the bottom until you find the square with a + on it that says "Add to Home Screen"


Step 4: Then your screen will look like this. Select "ADD" at the top right of your screen and then you will have an "app" on your phone.


Click here for link on how to do this on an Android Phone. 

When using the app this is what the Home page for our website will look like.

home screen.jpg

**I have discovered a minor glitch when using our app.

Because it is really a bookmark whenever you use the app, if I have uploaded any document changes you will need to REFRESH the home page first.

At the top right of your phone screen you will want to touch that little circle with an arrow. This will guarantee that all documents that you download will be the most current.

home screen copy.jpg
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