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Only matches where teammates played together will be considered.

Matches must be played in the same position to be considered, although matches played and won in a higher position may be considered.

If a team moves up during the year and continues to post a good record, they will be considered for a special award acknowledging their excellence at both positions.

A minimum of 80% of available matches must be played to warrant consideration.  (This will be determined after league play finishes because rainouts will not be included in the total.)  Defaults received may be included but will be reduced by defaults given.

A minimum of 70% of matches played must be won to be considered.

Individual teams will be responsible for sending their names and their won-loss record. Using the official form or the same format, you may send your record as an e-mail, an attachment to an e-mail, or you may take a picture with your phone and text it to:


                        Steffi Bixler

                        P.O. Box 2534

                        Thomasville, GA  31799




Please send in the results immediately after the NEXT TO LAST MATCH.  Since we no longer have a week for playoffs, it is very difficult to compile the results and get them to the calligrapher in time to have them completed for the luncheon.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT, if someone has a name change during the season, due to marriage or divorce, this needs to be pointed out.  I do not know everyone in the league personally and have no way of knowing this unless informed.

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